Great Day!

Written 23 March 2019 09:35
Edited 23 March 2019 22:01
We wanted to thank you and congratulate you all for a fantastic day!

The sportsmanship and respect towards the opposition, referees and the venue was exemplary and we are happy to report the day went very smoothly without a hitch.

We look forward to seeing you all in action again tomorrow. Please check the app or the online fixtures on the link below to ensure you know the time and field for your games tomorrow.,2019/categories

Best of luck!

Next news item: Team Marshals

Written 23 March 2019 03:20
Please note, Team Marshals need to be OUTSIDE the roped off areas, fenced areas and technical areas. Their main role is to ensure that spectators behave appropriately, so we need them to be close to their respective supporters group. Thanks for your help and keep up the great work! Read more