Important Info

Only a few days to go now, thanks for your patience as we scheduled over 200 games this weekend for 86 teams.

It's almost here, no doubt the players, coaches and parents can't wait to get up to Bendigo and start the tournament!

Please read the important items below:

Australian Football Skool

FV have once again partnered with AFS to operate this year’s event after a successful collaboration with the 2018 tournament.

In the lead up to the event, AFS will be liaising directly with all teams, will be preparing the leagues, fixturing and running the match day operations.

Fixtures Now Online
You can follow the tournament and get info on fixtures, scores, group placings, rules of competition, venue map (yet to be finalised) and overall general information in a number of ways:

1.Visit the website all of the Tournament’s info: https://www.footballvictoria.com.au/boysgirls-fc

2.Download our app on your apple or android mobile device "Boys & GirlsFC"

3.Follow us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/footballvic

4.Visit the main desk located inside the Main Pavilion

Please make sure that you always refer to the online fixtures as they will be the central source of the truth, always check them before your games. We don’t anticipate there will be any changes made, however it’s always good to check in case events outside our control take place.

In general for most age groups all the pool games are played on Saturday, most teams regardless of their placing in the group will be involved in the play-offs on Sunday. Some age groups have a Cup division and a Plate division. Please refer to the fixtures for more info on each specific age group.

Team Check-in
Every team will to need visit the main desk located at the main building at least 60 minutes before their first game. The Coach, Team Manager and Team Marshal need to be present as we will conducting a brief info session as part of the check-in process. You will be provided with a team kit bag, that will contain each team’s lanyards and marshal vest.

Team sheets
All players need to be registered to the online team portal CupManager, your own team portal can be accessed here https://reg.cupmanager.net/15107695,en/profile. Use your login and password to access the portal.

Please note that team sheets will be frozen by 10:00 pm this Thursday 21 March. After that point changes to the squad will not be permitted via the online portal. If you have any injuries or a legitimate reason to make a change, you will need to visit the main desk at Bendigo at least 60 minutes before your first game. Shirt number changes can be made just before the start of each game with the FV ground marshal.

Teams are not required to bring a printed copy of their team sheet as the tournament organisers will already have them.

Rules of Competition

The rules of competition can be downloaded on this link www.footballvictoria.com.au/boysgirls-fc, please have a good read of these as it will answer most of your questions regarding how the tournament will run. There are some important points to note:

·A player can only play for one team (unless a dispensation request has been submitted and been granted by FV)

·All age dispensations need to be approved by FV before the tournament, please bring take a copy of official approval to any of your games in case it needs to be sighted by FV ground marshals

·U9s will play on a quarter size field with 3m x 2m goals

·Cup and Plate play-offs will be used again this year to replace multiple level competitions in every age group

·Fair Play Awards will be awarded by both Referees and opposition team

·Coaches or team managers will be required to check and sign off the team sheet before each game with the FV ground marshal to ensure all the numbers and players are correct and up to date. Any major changes need to be made at the main desk

·All players need to have numbers on their playing tops that matches the team sheet

·Make sure you bring alternate strip or bibs in case you are the away team and there is a clash

·Make sure players bring photo ID in case proof of age is required so they are allowed to play

Codes of Conduct
This year there will be a continued focus on respecting the Referees, under no circumstances are supporters to approach referees to criticise or question their decisions. Coaches, Team Managers, Team Marshals and players also need to respect the match officials.

Breaches to the Code of Conduct will be referred to the FV Disciplinary Committee, who will be based at the tournament and will act to deal with each specific matter accordingly.

Please remind your team members and supporters that incidents involving Referees may result in the loss of points, reversal of results, or being disqualified from the tournament.

Team Marshal
As per last year in order to assist with the spectator behaviour, each team will be required to provide at least one Team Marshal.

The person appointed to undertake the Team Marshal role is expected to be familiar with their responsibilities.

This role plays an important part in the overall experience for all participants including the players, referees, team officials and spectators. The role description can be found here: https://www.footballvictoria.com.au/boysgirls-fc

Fair Play Award
This year we are promoting #WeRespectTheGame.

In terms of the Fair Play Award we are introducing the awarding of points from your opposition team in addition to those from your match Referee.

The Award takes into account the team’s overall behaviour including players, coaches and supporters doing the right thing, in order to provide an enjoyable and encouraging environment.

Please familiarise yourself with the points system as you (your team) will be issuing points to the opposition at the conclusion of each of your games to the FV ground marshal. You can find further info here: www.footballvictoria.com.au/boysgirls-fc

Poor spectator behaviour can result in your team losing points and in the worst case being expelled from the competition, positive behaviour will be rewarded and acknowledged.

Team Marquees
Certain areas have been allocated for marquees to be set-up this is due to safety reasons and to make sure the fields and their irrigation systems are not damaged.

Only non-industrial marquees will be allowed, they need to be secured by using weights only, pegs are not to be used under any circumstances; loss or damage of the marquees will be at your own expense, FV takes no responsibility for loss or stolen items.

Communal marquees will be provided for all teams to use (we will indicate this on the Venue Map once finalised). They will be available on a first in first served basis. We urge all to be mindful of all other teams and share this communal shaded space.

There will be full canteen service at both pavilions, operated by the Epsom Soccer Club and Bendigo Amateur Soccer League, as well as coffee vans so you can keep refuelling through-out the day. Some of the items on offer will be:
- Cold drinks
- Bacon and/or egg sandwiches available in the morning
- Fully catered BBQs

Alcohol is strictly prohibited, anyone seen consuming it, will be asked to leave. No smoking is permitted near the playing fields. There will be plenty of bins provided, so please ensure all rubbish is disposed of adequately.

Official and Player Areas
Only players and officials will be permitted in the technical areas, supporters will be asked to stay outside the marked areas, there is plenty of viewing space. Please advise your supporters so there are no issues on the day and cooperate with the marshals.

You will be provided with 2 lanyards for your Coach and Team Manager, they will be the only ones allowed in the technical areas apart from players.

You will also be provided with a Marshal’s bib and each team needs to appoint a person for every one of your team’s games. It does not have to be the same person for the whole tournament, it can be rotated, please make sure they are wearing their bib at all times during the game so they can be easily identified. It is expected that they remain with their team’s supporters at all times and are familiar with the role’s expectations.

More info will be provided in the coming days, so keep an eye on your emails.

For any further queries, please call AFS on 1300 436 682 or email registrations@footballskool.com.au

We look forward to seeing you in Bendigo!

Kind Regards

FV Participation Team