Team Marshals

Written 23 March 2019 03:20
Edited 23 March 2019 03:38
Please note, Team Marshals need to be OUTSIDE the roped off areas, fenced areas and technical areas.

Their main role is to ensure that spectators behave appropriately, so we need them to be close to their respective supporters group.

Thanks for your help and keep up the great work!

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Written 22 March 2019 22:20
Good Morning to you all and welcome! A few things before you all kick off this morning! Team managers. team marshals and coaches make sure you sign in and attend the briefing session at the Registration Desk located in the the main pavilion at least 1 hour before your first game. Food & Beverage and most of the amenities are located at the two pavilions, so make sure you keep an eye out. First... Read more